When it comes to bags I am totally a size queen. This is perfection.

When it comes to bags I am totally a size queen. This is perfection.

15 September 2011
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5 September 2011
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Why I recommend ‘How to Be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran to everyone

1. I am reading.

I got the book yesterday and in less than 24 hours I have read it all. Now, that was not an achievement for 2010 Lucy, or any previous year Lucy, all of whom could read like it was going out of fashion, but 2011 Lucy has been disgustingly lazy on the literary front. But this book has made me read as if reading was a pair of harem pants (which tbh should never have been in fashion in the first place). On the train I even managed to ignore my usual hobbies of discretely listening to other people’s conversations or analysing them and imagining their shopping list and instead I read. Perhaps the reason 2011 Lucy is so bad at reading is because she’s so nosy. This book is just so well-written and witty and true that I had to read it. 

2. I am (almost) at peace with hair.

I have waged war on my hair for years. Not just head hair, although that too has been a casualty, but all hair. Even the hair that grows on my toes, that blonde, barely there hair that no one apart from me can see, even that hair has taken a beating, or more accurately, a waxing. Recently, the madness has subsided a little and my toes haven’t been attacked in almost a year, but this book has encouraged me to sign a Treaty with all of my hair. I’m not saying I want to let it all grow wild and never tame it at all, just that if it’s there, it’s there and that’s okay. And if a book can inspire me to think that after years of bombarding my body with razors and creams and wax strips and tweezers, then that’s a pretty amazing book.

3. I am a feminist.

So here is the quick way of working out if you’re a feminist. Put your hand in your pants. 
a) Do you have a vagina? and
b) Do you want to be in charge of it?
If you said ‘yes’ to both, then congratulations! You’re a feminist. (pp. 79 - 80).

I’ve known I am a feminist for quite some time. I’ve read Bulter and Faludi and Kristeva and Greer. I like Madonna and wearing jeans and equal pay and voting and generally doing what I want. But sometimes I forget that I’m a feminist. In between all the general day-to-day stuff sometimes I just forget but this book reminded me and reinforced my ideas and that’s something that not every book can do. 

19 June 2011
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'persuasion' on a mug - one of favourite things on another of my favourite things. →

13 June 2011

Reasons Why I Love Summer #1: fruity ciders.

I find the weather influences what I drink. Winter brings the uncorking of a bottle of red wine whilst Summer means fruity ciders. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly sampling the different flavours on offer. Some are better than others but all signal the start of beer gardens, BBQs and most importantly, warm weather. 

4 June 2011
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29 April 2011
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Yesterday we had a Doctor Who themed party! Between us we dressed as Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Matt Smith varieties of the Doctor, a Roger Delgado variety of the Master and a handful of daleks. 

I baked this TARDIS cake for the occasion, and Shaun expertly made these daleks out of doughnuts. 

The actual episode was brilliant. Apparently it had really bad ratings (only 6.5 million viewers) but I put that down to the fact it had River in it. Apart from her, I loved it. It seemed to be much more plot based than usual, with less ‘pow-pows’ and ‘booms’ and ‘bangs’ and more ‘hmmms’ and ‘hows’ and ‘i wonders’ which I think is a good thing. The doctor is meant to be this awe-inspiring genius who leaves everyone around him struggling to keep up and this episode really did that. I wasn’t impressed by the BBC’s prop department or their SFX, although ‘wow’ at those aliens, but I was impressed by how it made me genuinely confused and desperate to know more. 

We also played Doctor Who: The Time Wars board game. The setup seems quite easy - you role two dice and move around a board answering trivia questions to help you collect different enemy cards until you have enough then you head for your finishing time zone and Bob’s your uncle. But it is the trivia questions that throw a sonic screwdriver in the works. They are super hard. That is not just an excuse because I lost. Honest. 

24 April 2011
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Barry M Instant Nail Effects over Rimmel Lasting Finish 260 Green Grass. 
Adore it. 

Barry M Instant Nail Effects over Rimmel Lasting Finish 260 Green Grass. 

Adore it. 

20 April 2011
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These are my Easter cupcakes. I followed the recipe from 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies and other tempting treats, which in my opinion has some of the best recipes. They always turn out really moist and always rise perfectly. 

It is set out in a really good way too. For example there is a recipe for iced fairy cakes, then little notes which give you variants and they tell you what to add or leave out. So from one basic recipe you can make orange/lemon/chocolate/coffee/mocha/almond and nutty fairy cakes. 

I used the lemon variation of the fairy cake, by adding grated lemon rind to the cake mixture, and fresh lemon juice to the buttercream. 

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